SHY Martin Releases New Single ‘Same Old’
Following the release of her gorgeous single Out of My Hands, Swedish pop singer-songwriter SHY Martin, the moniker of Sara Hjellström, is back with a brand new single titled Same Old, yet another captivating piece of electro pop music from this awesome artist!

I am a big fan of her honeyed vocals and how they give a sweet and delicate touch to the electronic production. Same Old is an emotive piece of electro pop music that touches on a bittersweet personal story of SHY moving away to music school and the subsequent breakup with a supportive lost love. The smooth production allows her storytelling to come out effortlessly and touch the heart of the listener. SHY Martin once again showcases her lush vocals and incredible knack for creating relatable songs. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song SHY said,
My whole life changed after I moved, I lived the dream he’d always supported, and I got to see the world we’d both dreamt of. For a long time I thought I wasn’t allowed to be hurt or miss him because I was the one who left. Today I know that sometimes it’s just as hard to be the one who has to leave, if not harder.