Savannah Sgro  - Phobia EP
Following the release of her single Stuck On You, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Savannah Sgro has just unveiled 2 new singles titled Happy Anymore and Overthinking, both taken from her debut EP Phobia, out now. 
I am a big fan of her dulcet, ethereal-like vocals and how she gives her songs a mesmerising touch of magic that is absolutely addictive. Happy Together is a delicate piece on which she showcases her beautiful vocals over an emotive piano-based melody and haunting harmonies that give the song a dream-like atmosphere. The song is about realising she's not happy anymore in her relationship, being tired of fighting and how seeing other couples happy together makes her feel even more unhappy. Speaking about it Savannah said,
This song was inspired by watching “the bachelor”, and seeing other couples all giddy and happy together, while me and my boyfriend were fighting. Sucks.
Overthinking has a more upbeat melody but still true to her smooth sound with ethereal vocals and a dream-like atmosphere. As the title implies, it's a song about thiking too much, being stressful and focusing on everything negative and not being in the present. Speaking about it Savannah said,
This song is about me being in my head the past few months more than being present. I finally made myself aware that this was happening and I was making everything in my life so stressful because I was focusing all the time on everything negative happening, rather than the good. This is a sure way to be a mean, bitter person!!! HAHA now when I get so sad/anxious about things, I try to take a step back and focus on what I do have and look at it from the glass being half full.

The Phobia EP also includes the gorgeous singles Moody, Phobia and Love Me Like You Used To. It's a beautiful 6-track project packed with lush melodies, hauntingly beautiful harmonies and an overall magical, dream-like atmosphere with heartfelt, meaningful lyrics. Check it out below!