NORMA Drop New Single ‘XY’
Brooklyn-based alternative act NORMA, consisting of vocalist Jamie McArdle and percussionist Grant Gulla, have just unveiled their brand new single XY, an infectious piece of electronic music. I am loving Jamie's distinctive vocals and how effortless and carefree his vocal delivery is, giving the song a cool dose of attitude. He sure knows how to hit those high notes and his vocals soar over the infectious melodies packed with groovy electronics and awesome guitar riffs.

There's somewhat of a dark atmosphere in the song that makes me feel that it would be perfect for the soundtrack of a crime/sci-fi movie. XY is definitely one of those memorable pieces of alternative music with beautiful guitars and electronics. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song NORMA said,
XY is a song about dealing with the finite nature of life and the inner monsters that struggle creates. The timbre of the instrumental is intended to evoke the same unease we feel as we deal with the fear of death in our ways. Lyrically, XY describes a dark and mythical setting to illustrate the abstraction of our own death. It’s the real thing.
Jamie McArdle and Grant Gulla both began their music career in the hardcore scene at an early age. The friends stay true to their heavy roots as they meld in to Indie-Pop culture, bringing elements of rock and hip hop to create a unique alternative sound.