Montaigne Releases New Single ‘Ready’
Australian singer-songwriter, Montaigne, real name Jessica Cerro, has just unveiled her brand new single Ready, out now via Sony Music Australia.

I am really enjoying her powerful and distinctive vocals and how they give the song so much energy and emotion. There's an anthemic vibe to this song that won me over from the very first listen. Ready is taken from Montaigne's upcoming sophomore album Complex. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Montaigne said,
To me the song is about this political moment, where humanity is starting to realise how actually cooked this planet is, that it never had to be like this, and that we have the power now to overthrow those who’ve forced us into this corner. It'’s music that I’m proud of representing, because I think that it reflects the feelings swirling around the current political shitfest my generation is facing, and it attempts to transform the anxiety amongst those feelings into angry power. It’'s like a fuel source.”