margø Unveils New Single ‘Game Over’
Canadian singer-songwriter margø has just unveiled her sophomore single, Game Over. What first caught my attention was her distinctive vocals and I am loving that touch of raspiness in her voice which just makes the song sound even more captivating.

The electronic production has somewhat of a dark vibe to it and perfectly backs her emotive vocals. Game Over is packed with beautiful melodies which create quite an enthralling soundscape that got me playing this song over and over again. Its empowering message, which talks about standing up for ourselves and overcome negativity in our lives, is perfectly conveyed through her lush vocals and compelling electronic production. The chorus is stuck to my head (in a good way) and I think you guys will love this song. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song margø said,
Game Over is about standing up for yourself and being determined to challenge any sources of negativity in your life. This song is about recognizing your inner strength, and not allowing anyone to intimidate you, make you feel unworthy, or stand in the way of your own happiness.