Kelan Galligan Unveils New Single ‘Satellites’
Time for some smooth music. Have you ever had thoughts about your place in the world and our planet's place in the universe? I've sure had and it seems I'm not the only one! Northern Ireland-based singer and songwriter Kelan Galligan has just gifted us with a captivating new single titled Satellites, an introspective piece of music about our place in the world.

If you're into Folk music then you'll love this one. Satellites has a gorgeous and intricate acoustic guitar melody that is absolutely addictive and is joined by lush, emotive piano keys and strings that give the song that beautiful touch of emotion. His smooth vocals are quite hypnotic and give a touch of warmth to this introspective song. I am loving the song's lush harmonies and earthy atmosphere that makes it perfect for a chilled out weekend at home. Check it out below!