Josh McGovern
Brighton-based singer and songwriter Josh McGovern has just released his brand new single When You’re Done and I am absolutely in love with it!

Josh's breathtaking, rich vocals are incredibly captivating and won me over after the very first seconds. Listening to his voice is so comforting and feels like someone is giving us a warm embrace.

When You're Done is such a heartfelt piece of alternative-folk/Americana on which his vocals flow effortlessly over the melancholy-drenched guitar melodies and sing about the complexities of true romance. His sound is reminiscent of the works of Nick Cave, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen. Check out this gem below!

Speaking about the song Josh said,
When You’re done is an honest one, I think it’s going to have different meaning for everyone but for me it’s about the many faces of love and how relationships aren’t disposable and require work to last. I wanted to write a song people in real relationships could relate too.

Josh draws inspiration from influences as eclectic as traditional Irish folk music to Nick Cave and he produces deeply emotive tracks that exude the poetic facets of his legendary contemporaries. Having grown up listening to artists such as Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, Josh was drawn to writing deeply moving and easily connectable songs, and by studying the melodic attributes of these luminaries, has developed his beautiful style of songwriting.