Jillian Steele Drops New Single ‘No Expectations’
Nashville-based, indie pop singer and songwriter Jillian Steele has just unveiled her brand new single No Expectations, an acoustic guitar-led track about how everything happens for a reason. This catchy track was co-written by Michel Heyaca and James Shelley during a period of uncertainty and confusion.

I am loving her sweet, silky vocals and how they are perfectly backed by that warm acoustic guitar, perfectly setting the tone for its intimate and introspective atmosphere. The acoustic guitar brings a raw, vulnerable touch to this song which enhances the emotion of her storytelling. No Expectations is a super radio-friendly song on which Jillian showcases her silky vocals over an acoustic guitar-led soound packed with vibrant melodies and glowing tones. Check it out below!

Speaking about No Expectations, Jillian Steele reveals,
Life was happening around me and I was just in it without any control and through this song I gained insight that I do deserve things and I should have expectations of what I want.