Jemma Siles Unveils New Single ‘Light Me Up’
21-year-old Melbourne based pop singer/songwriter Jemma Siles has just unveiled her sophomore single Light Me Up, an infectious piece of pop music about being in a relationship and being blamed for everything that is wrong in the relationship.

I am really enjoying that captivating beat and her strong vocals are definitely the star of the song, perfectly conveying the emotion of every word she sings. The electronic production is quite infectious, instantly making me nod my head along to the beat. I am loving those emotive piano keys and I wasn't expecting a chorus like that but it actually works, making the song stand out even more from the rest.

Light Me Up has an upbeat and unique production (courtesy of Benjamin Oldland), contrasting with the more deeper lyrics and Jemma's beautiful vocals are what make the song such a captivating piece of pop music. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Jemma said,

The song tells a story from when you've given up on feeling angry and you believe maybe you've made the wrong decision in picking them to being upset all over again. Then the song goes on to explain that if all of these arguments and what they say about you is really what they believe then maybe they should walk away from it all, but if it's not what they really think then you're happy for them to "Light You Up" in the positive way.