Ikigai Drops New Single ‘Closer’
Time to dance! I've got a highly energetic piece of Future House for you guys! Japanese DJ and Producer Ikigai is back with his brand new single Closer, which follows up his acclaimed debut single Rise of a Ryuu.

There's somewhat of a dark touch to this song that instantly drew me towards it and the synths are pure heaven. The vocal hook is highly hypnotic and flows effortlessly over the rich textures and tightly wound blast of bass combined with Japanese influences. Closer is one of those addictive pieces of Future House music with a progressive touch, packed with tons of energy perfect for dance floors all over the world. I can't get enough of its addictive synths and bass with its sick vocal hook making me want to get up and dance. If you're into Future House music with lots of groovy energy, then you'll love Closer. Check it out below!