Gold Spectacles Drop New Single ‘I Can See The Future’
London-based collaborative multi-instrumentalist, songwriting and producing duo Gold Spectacles are back with their brand new single I Can See The Future, a song about seeing the inevitable demise of a once perfect relationship and the follow up to April's Reversing.

The Spanish guitar strums were what drew my attention towards this song and I am really enjoying how they are juxtaposed with that infectious bass line and synths. The smooth vocal delivery is quite captivating and I like the male vocals in the chorus that perfectly back those lush vocals and reflect the conflict in the singer's mind. I Can See The Future is a smooth and infectious piece of indie-pop music and you can check it out below!

Speaking about the song Gold Spectacles said,
We were drawing on the idea of being too caught up in the future to appreciate the present. The singer sees glimpses of imperfections in their relationship forming and jumps to the conclusion that everything is falling apart. The track developed from a chord pattern played on a beaten up 1952 Hammond organ which we rescued and restored from a local school. A new addition to our home studio.