GATTÜSO & Disco Killerz Unveil New Single ‘Million Things’
Time to dance! Israeli DJ/producer GATTÜSO, the moniker of Reem Taoz, and New York City-based duo Disco Killerz, consisting of Matthew Danger and Uri Illuz, have teamed up to deliver a summer anthem titled Million Things, out now on Enhanced Recordings.

I am loving Laura White's distinctive vocals and how they are perfectly backed by a groovy, feel-good production. This is one of those songs perfect for a sunny day by the beach and summer festival season to come. Its uplifting atmosphere is quite infectious, putting a smile on my face and making me dance. If you're into feel-goodd pieces of EDM with infectious melodies and sweet vocals, then you'll love Million Things.

Speaking about the collaboration GATTÜSO said,
We ordered the exact same sushi, every day, while we were working on this song, for about 10 days straight. You can tell a lot about people from the sushi that they eat. I'm a little crazy, and I like cream cheese in all my rolls. Uri used to live in Japan, and is fluent in Japanese, so he tends to get very picky, but he's very handy to have around when it comes time to order. Matthew's got all his special requests: 'Do you have seared salmon? Where's the uni from?' But at the end of the day, he will eat anything.

Disco Killerz' Matthew Danger added,
We are constantly on the hunt for co-writers and singers with a special voice to collaborate with and we randomly came across this 2013 EP by Laura White, What My Mother Taught Me. We loved the vocals and immediately hit her up on Instagram; it all starts with a DM these days. She's from Manchester and recorded the vocals in the UK. It wasn't until later that we realized she also wrote and sang on 'Love On Me' by Galantis and Hook N Sling, one of our favorite songs!