Cally Rhodes Unveils New Single ‘Summer of My Life’
Welsh songstress Cally Rhodes has just unveiled her brand new single Summer of My Life, an infectious piece of pop music about her summer memories.

I am really enjoying Cally's glistening vocals and how they flow over the tropical-tinged beat. Summer of My Life is packed with sun-soaked guitars and a catchy beat that makes it good to get up and dance. There's a laid back, feel-good atmosphere to this nostalgic and retrospective song, which makes it perfect to be played during those relaxing weekends at home or during a road trip with friends. If you're into infectious pieces of pop music with tropical touches and meaningful lyrics, then you'll love Summer of My Life. Check it out below!

Speaking about her new single, Cally said:
'Summer of My Life' is playful and melodic. I wrote the song based on my summer memories so I wanted to capture that fun nostalgia through the music and lyrics. Summer has always been when I feel most at ease and ready for new adventures. I love hot weather; especially as I grew up by a beach. My favourite experiences have always been in the sun.