Amille Unveils New Single ‘Deep Sea’
Swedish singer and songwriter Amille has just unveiled her brand new single Deep Sea, a catchy piece of electro-pop music about the aftermath of a breakup.

I am really enjoying Amille's vocals and how they are quite smooth and captivating, instantly drawing my attention to the story she's singing. Amille has created a very relatable song and we can feel that it also means something to her, making this an even more appealing listen. Deep Sea is a highly infectious piece of vocal-focused, self-empowering pop music that perfectly reflects Amille's songwriting and production. Loving that beat which instantly makes me want to get up and dance! Stream this beautiful song below!

Speaking about the song Amille said,
Deep sea is about the mixed emotions in the aftermath of the breakup: Acting like you don’t care, but you do. To be in that limbo and suddenly get the urge to fuck things up. To escape the emptiness, finding your own reality and dance. Embracing yourself and realize that you don’t have to appeal to no one.

Coming out of a family of musical creators in Stockholm, Amille has been writing and producing her songs for nearly a decade, even if her best friends didn’t know about it. She started writing songs at home, which evolved into a way of understanding her feelings. She also pursued storytelling through journalism during and after university, an experience which fueled her songwriting even more. Amille redirected her energy toward music starting in 2015 and has been working on her catalogue since.