Tony Ray Jacobo Unveils Debut Single ‘You are the Light’ feat. Frankie J
San Diego rising producer and artist Tony Ray Jacobo has just unveiled his debut single, You are the Light, featuring Frankie J. This soulful piece of dance-infused R&B music is a love message about that special one that becomes the light in our lives.

I am really enjoying those smooth, soulful vocals and the uplifting beat is quite addictive, making me want to get up and dance. There's a touch of early 2000's in this song that brings me back some good, old memories. You are the Light was produced and mixed by Tony Ray Jacobo and written and recorded by Frankie J. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Tony said,
 I feel we all have dark moments in our life whether it’s our own darkness that we’re causing ourselves or others, or dark moments that happen to us that we are struggling with. I know this song is specifically referring to the partner in the relationship being the Light, but in life our “Light” can come in many different forms, whether it be relationships, family, friends, community, spirituality and so on. So I feel this song can be an uplifting and inspirational message to find your light from whatever darkness you’re going through.