The Slow Drag Drops New Single ‘Broken Arrow’
Nashville-based singer and songwriter The Slow Drag is back with a brand new single titled Broken Arrow, the follow up to last month's epic single Assassin.

Once again The Slow Drag delivers a highly addictive piece of indie-pop music with memorable guitar riffs that got me hooked after the very first listen. Unlike its bluesy predecessor, Broken Arrow is a more pop-leaning alt-rock song with the guitars riffs giving it an upbeat touch that is insanely addictive. To make things even better, the percussion perfectly compliments the guitars and those honeyed vocals soar effortlessly over the instrumentation.

Listening to Broken Arrow I get vibes of 90's pop-rock music packed with so much energy that will get you moving in no time. This song is a tale of unattainable love, agonizing frustration, and the longing for what could be, perfectly contrasting to the upbeat, feel-good atmosphere of its production. If you are looking for a summer road trip/party anthem, then you will love Broken Arrow as it is packed with killer guitar riffs and tons of energy. Check it out below!