Talii Unveils New Single ‘Front Seat’
Orlando-based artist Talii has just unveiled her brand new single Front Seat, a smooth piece of pop music.

This rhythmic piece draws influences from her Trinidadian heritage and I am really enjoying her sultry vocals and how they soar over the dancehall-infused instrumental that blends pop and r&b elements. Front Seat is a sun-soaked song perfect for a chilled out weekend at home or at the beach. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Talii said,
the title refers to moving your ego out of the driver's seat and allowing your true self to take the wheel, it's a representation of appreciating and loving the person I'm becoming...it reflects my growth and evolution not only musically but within my life overall.

Telling compelling stories rooted in authentic experiences and bolstered by her smooth and soulful vocal, Talii is a trailblazer in the neo-soul / r&b lane and a veritable one-to-watch in 2019.