NORTHLIGHT Unveil New Single ‘A Celebration of Humanity’

NORTHLIGHT Unveil New Single ‘A Celebration of Humanity’
Swedish indie-pop band NORTHLIGHT have just unveiled their brand new single A Celebration of Humanity, an infectious song about two people in love that couldn’t be more different, but whose love in return is a proof of how very insignificant our differences really are.

I am loving the intricate acoustic guitar plucks that instantly imbue the song with an intimate and emotive atmosphere which is highlighted by those beautiful and distinctive vocals. There's a feel-good, anthemic touch in this song that keeps me playing it over and over again. This is one of those uplifting songs that you blast on the radio and sing along to. 

If you're into uplifting indie-pop music, with intricate guitars, powerful lyrics, beautiful vocals and an anthemic chorus, then you'll love A Celebration of Humanity. Check it out below!

The phrase ‘A Celebration of Humanity’ is originally a quote from the 2017 Oscar nominated musical ‘The Greatest Showman’, starring Hugh Jackman as the American showman P. T. Barnum. Speaking about the song the guys said,
We knew quite early that we wanted this song to contain something more than just melodies and lyrics. We wanted to ignite a mindset and even if only for 3 minutes and 11 seconds, erase everything that pulls us apart as humans. It’s about celebrating our differences and realizing that love truly is boundless.     

Its photo mosaic artwork consists of 532 individual photos sent in by the band’s followers. Band lead singer Victor Bergh said,
We wanted to create a feeling of affinity and togetherness, not only musically or lyrically, but in the project as a whole, so we asked our followers to help us out with the artwork and the result was beyond amazing.
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