Kayden McCarthy Unveils New Single ‘If You Believed’
Chicago-based singer-songwriter Kayden McCarthy has just unveiled his brand new single If You Believed, a beautiful song about the lack of faith in a relationship, causing it to end.

I am loving Kayden's tone and soulful vocals which are definitely the star of the song. His lush vocals soar over a smooth production that has somewhat of a motown-esque/retro touch, similar to some Charlie Puth's songs. You can feel the passion in his vocals and Kayden's a gifted storyteller, delivering us a very relatable song.

If You Believed, taken from his new album Amsterdam - has lovely guitar works that instantly caught my attention and it is a good mix of soulful elements with pop sensibilities, which makes it perfect for the radios. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Kayden said,
Song's about a relationship that went south because one of the two people involved never thought it could work out. If both put the amount of required effort in and accepted that it could actually work, then maybe it just might have.
Kayden is influenced by late 90's rock 'n' roll, early 2000's hip hop and modern day electro pop music, which got his using the attributes developed early in life to apply to his unique sound, ranging anywhere from drifting towards soft house markets to seeking comfort behind his acoustic guitar.