Brazier Unveils New Single "Redefining Us"
British singer, songwriter and guitarist Brazier has just released his brand new single Redefining Us, an upbeat piece of Folk-tinged pop music. This is a beautiful duet with GEMM and is taken from his debut EP, Start of Something New, out now.

Redefining Us is a beautiful love song about a wedding and new beginnings together, which makes sense as he wrote the song for his friends' wedding. The song is packed with upbeat, intricate guitar chords and emotive piano keys backing those lovely harmonies. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Brazier said,
The song was written in the perspective of the bride (verse 1) the groom (verse 2 and 3) and the chorus is written in a joint perspective. After attending the wedding there was a couple of things that were highlighted to me and special about their day. One being the groom crying joyful tears whilst the bride was walking down the aisle and that's where the lyrics "I'm caught up In the moment as the tears flow from my eyes" were originated from.