7 Vibes Journey Unveil New Single ‘Release (Short Version)’
Time to dance! 7 Vibes Journey, a progressive electronic project from Zurich, Switzerland, have just unveiled their brand new single Release and is guaranteed to get you dancing.

I am loving the dark atmosphere of this Tech/Progressive House cut which is packed with a killer bassline and an infectious beat. This is a great song for the weekend to come and to be played deep into the night at night clubs. Listening to this song I just want to close my eyes and surrender to its hypnotic beat. Release is their 4th vibe, a sonic voyage that is all about dancing to energetic music, to release your full potential, unshackling yourself and live your life to the fullest! Check it out below!

7 Vibes Journey was founded by Faro Alip in 2018 and creates a transformational Journey through seven different vibes. Every vibe has its own ambience, emotion and tempo. It's an experience, in which the dancers move freely, as the music takes them into seven eras and leads them to consciousness and creativity. The music of 7 Vibes Journey spans from ambient and chill out, up to house, techno, trance and rock in a progressive way and with a mystical Persian touch.