Uppermost Drops New Single ‘Overcome’
Dynamic French electronic producer, Uppermost, has just dropped his brand new single Overcome, out now via his own imprint, Uppwind Records. I am enjoying the smooth, feel-good atmosphere of this song that is packed with an unforgettable funky bassline. Ethereal vocal manipulation carries the steady beat forward as dreamy chords fill the atmosphere with pure euphoria, creating a layered soundscape that’s rich in texture. Overcome is an emotionally driven track that tugs at one's heartstrings in no time and it's perfect for a chillout weekend at home. Check it out below!

Speaking about Overcome, Uppermost says,
I’ve discovered that the depth of my music is linked to the experiences I live, especially the most painful ones. Like if you needed to be at your lowest to bring out what’s best in you. Music is a way for me to overcome the negative energy that takes control of my mind when something bad happens, kinda like a silent friend that’s always there to cheer you up when you’ve lost hope.