TxTHEWAY Unveils New Single ‘Come From Nothing’
Los Angeles-based rapper and multi-platinum singer-songwriter TxTHEWAY has just unveiled his brand new single Come From Nothing, a song dedicated to those that are there for you regardless of clout or the money you have.

Come From Nothing perfectly blends Afro and Hip-Hop sounds and is packed with infectious melodies and a slick production by Autoro "Toro" Whitfield. It's the song's meaningful and relatable lyrics that got me hooked on it and is a breath of fresh air from the current Hip-Hop music out there. TxTHEWAY delivers an honest piece of music with a highly infectious chorus and you can stream it below!

Speaking about the song TxTHEWAY said,
Some people let you down and some people hold you down. "Come From Nothing" is dedicated to the latter, the people that are there for you regardless of clout or the numbers in your bank account. In my case it was a good woman, we saw the odds against us and decided to beat them together. This song is dedicated to her and everything we overcame.