The 101 Unveil New Single ‘Statues’

The 101 Unveil New Single ‘Statues’
Scottish indie-pop band The 101 have just unveiled their brand new single Statues. I am loving the groovy guitar riffs that give the song a huge dose of energy and it's what drew me towards it. The smooth vocals are on point and are perfectly backed by an infectious production packed with soaring guitars and energetic percussion. There's an anthemic vibe in this song that keeps me playing it over and over again.

Statues is a killer piece of indie-pop music with an infectious energy and an expansive atmosphere that will get you hooked in no time. If you're fans of acts such as Two Door Cinema Club, Bad Suns, Fickle Friends and Passion Pit, then you'll love this one. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song, singer-songwriter Dexter said,
The lyrics very much came before the song. I knew I wanted to write a song about growing up as a teenager surrounded by overly judgemental peers and swamped with stress and pressure. I think the idea of the ‘Statues that were never made for us’ are about people who we rely on as teenagers and young adults, who do so much for us but expect nothing in return, which probably means I was subconsciously writing this about my parents & close friends. I think all it also touches upon self-validation, striving for that sense of achievement and subsequent anxiety about not reaching this status in your life where you feel you’re an “achiever”. When you’re 16 naturally you believe everything matters so much and every decision is either catastrophic or monumental, and that’s what this song tries to convey.
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