Teagan Unveils New Single ‘Feeling Good’
Following the release of her lovely single Safe, 21-year-old Australian singer/composer Teagan returns with her 3rd single Feeling Good, an emotive piece about the post-break-up period when you're try to convince yourself you're doing well before realising you might not really be.

I am really enjoying that pulsing beat and how her lovely vocals flow over the smooth electronic production which she produced with Spike Leo. Feeling Good has a breezy atmosphere of hope and it is packed with a highly infectious pop hook that got stuck to my brain after the very first listen. This is quite a groovy, smooth song perfect for a laid back weekend at home. To accompany the release, Teagan shared the Emily Dynes-directed visuals which you can check out below!

Speaking about the song Teagan said,
Ironically, I wrote this song about not feeling so good. The times where you go out with your mates to convince yourself that you’re over something, before quickly realising you’re not – everyone else is having fun but you’d rather be anywhere but there. I love making upbeat music that contrasts more sombre lyrics because it’s the perfect analogy for the way so many of us deal with our problems – covering the emotion behind a happy façade.