Plastic Mermaids Drop ‘I Still Like Kelis’ Music Video
Isle of Wight's Psych-pop five-piece band Plastic Mermaids have just unveiled the official music video for their latest single I Still Like Kelis, taken from their upcoming debut album, Suddenly Everyone Explodes, set to arrive on May 24th!

I am loving those crunchy guitars and distorted synths that make this hazy indie-pop gem quite addictive. The somewhat psychedelic video is a visual representation of the idea of ‘oneness’ - two particles are born at the start of time and then re-untie and meet as humans. The video was made by Doug from the band using animated stop-motion. Watch it below!

Speaking about the song Doug said,
Two people who used to hang out and now are in different places. In the lyrics of the second verse I sing “but in a microscopic way we’re tangled up eternally, I’ll spin the same as you” this is a reference to quantum entanglement a phenomenon where two particles are linked and move in the same way even though they’re on different sides of a room or universe even.

‘I’m not sure how I let myself get sucked into the idea of stop motion again…. The video took bloody AGES to make but I guess I enjoyed it, there’s something quite meditative about sitting down for 4 hours and pushing about a piece of clay it’s just a bit demoralising when you realise you’ve only shot 14 seconds.