Pawl Drops New Single ‘Waste My Time’
Swedish artist, songwriter and producer Pawl is back with a gorgeous new single titled Waste My Time, a feel-good song about doing stuff we'd usually consider as a waste of time.

I love his smooth vocals and they are perfectly backed by an infectious and danceable electronic production that screams summer. It's Waste My Time's summery vibe and his slush vocals that got me hooked to it and the message is very relatable because some days I just want to do whatever I want and live a little. Pawl has just crafted one of my summer anthems for the year and I think you guys will love it! Stream Waste My Time below!

Speaking about the song Palw said,
Everyone’s got that rebellious side to them. You just gotta remember to let it out sometimes and live a little. As a musician and artist, it’s pretty easy to bury yourself and disappear into the world of creation and in all of the other work that comes along with being an artist. ‘Waste My Time’ functions as a reminder to myself that it’s okay to not be deadly serious all the time, and to be a bit more spontaneous.