Katey Brooks Unveils New Single ‘All of Me’
Bristol-based singler and songwriter Katey Brooks has just unveiled her gorgeous new single All of Me, a soulful love ballad. As soon as I heard her lush vocals I knew I was going to love the song. It has a raw, stripped back atmosphere on which her lush, soulful vocals are the star and instantly connect with the listener to the story she's telling. 

The organic instrumentation is then combined with retro, motown-esque backing vocals which just highlights the emotion of this gorgeous song. All of Me is a great piece of soulful pop music with beautiful guitars, powerful vocals and lush harmonies. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Katey said,
It was inspired by a personal situation with someone I was prepared to give my world to. They proclaimed deep love, but then proceeded to behave in ways that were completely incongruent with that proclamation.