Candy For Big Kids Unveil New Single ‘Sticks & Stones’
Time for some stunning Folk & Singer-Songwriter music. California indie-rock collective Candy For Big Kids have just unveiled their brand new single Sticks & Stones. This is the polished, studio version of a demo they released earlier this year and it is magical.

I am loving those delicate and emotive vocals that are packed with emotion and give the song a beautiful touch of fragility. I am a sucker for stripped-back songs and this one is right up my alley. The acoustic guitar melodies are captivating and I really liked the backing vocals in the chorus which highlight the emotion and intimacy of the song. Quite a beautiful listen and you can check it out below!


You didn’t break my heart
I guess that means you kept your promise
But just because you didn’t leave a scar
Doesn’t mean that you were honest

But I won’t be your left behinds
You ran away didn’t think twice
Now you’ve got me patching up my bruises

And sticks and stones don’t measure up
To futile words that aren’t enough
The way your lies were hiding what the truth is

Should have known from the start
That you were going to give less
Why is it that I always give my all
Cleaning up what’s left of your mess