Astraea releases beautiful live video for new single ‘Don’t Let Go’
Singer, songwriter and producer Astræa is back with a beautiful live video for her latest single, Don’t Let Go. Astræa is a classically trained pianist and she sure showcases her skills in this live video. I am a fan of live piano-based melodies and this one is right up my alley.

Featuring Astræa performing the track in atmospheric darkness, the video casts a poignant and touching light on the track, which swells with heartfelt passion and reassurance and was written to convey a much needed message of openness around the issues of mental health. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song/video Astræa said,
’Don't Let Go’ was inspired by people in my life who have dealt with mental health issues. The majority of us will experience a mental health problem at some point in our lives. We need to be talking more about how mental health affects every one of us. By bringing it out into the open, we can start to end the stigma and help those who are struggling feel less alone.