AIR APPARENT Drops New Single ‘Asking You’
San Francisco-based Indian-American DJ and producer AIR APPARENT is back with his brand new single Asking You, a warm piece of electro-pop music written with LA singer/songwriter Kyan Palmer and co-produced with Guy Gabriel. I am really enjoying those lush vocals and how they easily give the song a much needed dose of emotion.

I am really enjoying Asking You's playful melody and groovy drops and how it's packed with a luminous bassline, lush synths and an oscillating percussion line that instantly takes me to those long summer days by the beach. This is a lovely Future Bass-infused piece of an electro-pop love song perfect for the summer and you can stream it below!

Speaking about the song AIR APPARENT said,
In a literal sense, “Asking You” is about getting someone you care about to open up. But you can also interpret it as a song to yourself. When you’re busy going through the motions of your life, it’s often easy to ignore the voice inside and lose touch with who you are.