Vetle Forsell Unveils "Stuck In A Haze" Music Video
Norwegian singer-songwriter Vetle Forsell returns with a stunning video for zis brand new single Stuck In A Haze. This is quite a powerful song, very personal to Vetle and packed with so much emotion.

The video was directed by Vetle alongside Carl Tomas Nising, shot by Ken Robert Haltvik, and depicts a personal moment in Vetle's life where zis was institutionalized in an Australian psychiatric ward in his late teens. It's definitely a moving piece with lush string sections, intricate guitar licks and zis perfectly showcases zis storytelling abilities. Watch this emotionally-charged video below!

Speaking about the video Vetle said,
Through the song and video, I relive the memory of being institutionalized in an Australian psychiatric ward in my late teens- in a brutally honest, poetic sort of way. The production holds great significance to me, both because reliving the trauma had a noticeable therapeutic effect for me, and because it was one of the last things I did with my father (who stepped in as an actor to help me, the way he always did), before he got sick and passed away last summer.