Porlolo Unveils New Single ‘I QUIT’
Want to quit your job in a great way? I am a big fan of having a soundtrack for important moments and if you're looking for that extra push to leave a job that makes you miserable, Denver's Porlolo got you covered with her brand new single I QUIT.

I am really enjoying the 60's pop vibe of the song which was inspired by the eccentric and prolific  Erin Roberts, aka Porlolo, who was unhappy with her full-time career and wrote the song a week before quitting and recorded the following day with musical collaborators James Barone (Beach House), Anna Morsett (Still Tide) and Jake Miller (Still Tide, Esme Patterson).

The song is highly addictive and I am loving the guitar solo and the overall dream, psych-infused atmosphere of this indie pop track. I QUIT is one of those songs that give you energy and get you all hyped up to do what you want. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Porlolo said,
 Singing this song puts power back in my hands when the going gets rough. I've used it as mantra to sing repeatedly to myself when faced with tough situations. Dehumanizing bosses, turgid gatekeepers, class ceilings, blind eyes. Sometimes when there's nothing nice left to say, you can just say 'I QUIT'.
Porlolo is currently in the studio with producer and drummer James Barone, with a full-length album due out in October, 2019.