Husky Loops release video for new single ‘Let Go For Nothing’

Husky Loops release video for new single ‘Let Go For Nothing’
London-based 3-piece band Husky Loops have just released the official music video for their latest single, “Let Go For Nothing”, out now through The Orchard / 30th Century Records. 

Let Go For Nothing” showcases the production and songwriting skills of head husky Danio Forni, on which he continues to experiment with elements of modern hip hop and R’n’B to create something refreshingly new but unmistakably Husky Loops. The music video was directed by Manuel Vitali, an old primary school friend of the Danio’s who he used write music with at the age of 8! He says,
This music video is the result of a 20 years long friendship with Danio, who as a kid used to be a dreamer like me. After two decades we met in London and decided finally to collaborate on something. "Let Go For Nothing” is a beautiful song and I wanted to focus mainly on its simplicity. I believe happiness comes from simple things, and my idea of “letting go” was singing on a shopping trolley.”
Watch it below!

Speaking about the track, frontman Danio says,
“I wanted to write a song about freedom and being care free... We live in a society that puts quite a lot of stress on individuals and music is still a great tool to relieve the pain and frustration. For me “Let Go For Nothing” means being able to free yourself easily, but everyone can add their own meaning to it, it’s a universal simple song. That’s why the hook is a whoop: “woo woo woo, woo!”.I would love to see a big crowd scream that with me, it’s a song for them. Scream and be yourself”.