Gold Spectacles Drop New Single ‘Cut Me Off’

Gold Spectacles Drop New Single ‘Cut Me Off’
London-based collaborative songwriting and producing duo outfit Gold Spectacles have just unveiled their brand new single Cut Me Off, a song about hitting rock bottom. I am really enjoying that groovy bass guitar-driven melody that captivates the listener from the very beginning.

Cut Me Off - the 6th track in a series of twelve that Gold Spectacles are releasing in line with the lunar calendar - is quite an intimate piece and I am really enjoying the raw emotion conveyed through those lush vocals. The bass guitar is definitely a stand out in the song and is what makes it quite infectious and accentuates the singer's introverted character. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Gold Spectacles said,
We wanted to keep “Cut Me Off” sparse, raw and haunting to show the vulnerability of the words being sung. A contradiction between external success vs internal struggle, it depicts someone hitting rock bottom without anyone noticing.
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