Cerian Unveils New Single ‘Caught in the Dark’

Cerian Unveils New Single ‘Caught in the Dark’
London singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Cerian, has just unveiled her brand new single Caught in the Dark, the title track of her upcoming debut EP which is the result of a series of songs written in the middle of the night.

I am loving her angelic vocals which won me over after the very first seconds. It's her lush, melodic vocals that make the song sound like something out of this world with the piano-based melody enhancing the magical feel of the song. Oh, and the soaring electric guitar near the end just makes it sound even better. Not only Cerian is a great singer but also she's a gifted storyteller.

Caught in the Dark is a beautiful, haunting & darkly powerful piece of Folk/Pop music with an infectious cinematic atmosphere that showcases Cerian's incredible range and vocal dexterity. I can perfectly envision this song being played in a very moving scene of a movie!! Written at a time of personal darkness, this song explores the colours within that darkness and the search for light. Stream it below!

While working on the song, Cerian came across some words which resonated with her from William Blake’s poem “Auguries of Innocence”, which she ended up incorporating into the song. She explains,
I wanted to try to convey the feeling of Stockholm Syndrome, when your captor is your closest friend, your only constant, and yet also your worst enemy. The “darkness” felt by everyone at some point can take many forms, and will mean different things to different people. For me personally, the twist is that the captor is not necessarily someone else, but something within. The struggle to escape is silent, ongoing, and internal, and of course, the inner and invisible battles can be the hardest to fight.” This idea of a silent inward struggle is encapsulated in the lyrics “As we unfold, it’s not in the storms that we become undone, it’s in the stillness.

A lifelong insomniac, Cerian is almost completely nocturnal, and these profoundly personal songs have grown out of her struggle with both the literal and internal darkness felt in the isolation of the early hours of the morning, when she would stay awake writing until dawn. The intensity of these emotions can be heard in the powerful songs that grew out of this struggle.
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