Bleu Stroud Unveils New Single ‘Train Wreck’
Los Angeles-based, 18-year-old singer and songwriter Bleu Stroud has just unveiled her brand new single Train Wreck. I am really enjoying her vocals and how her songwriting feels quite natural and very relatable. According to Bleu the song is,
about a relationship that is just all over the place and unhealthy, and always leaves you feeling confused or lost.. but not being able to leave it.
Bleu wraps this story around an infectious instrumental packed with awesome guitars licks and riffs which reminds me a bit of a mix between Jewel and Joni Mitchell. Train Wreck is a very cool piece of indie/pop-rock music with silky, melodic vocals and great storytelling which you can stream below!

With her modern folk/pop sound and casual California style, Bleu Stroud’s music reflects the distinctively laid-back, LA-centric singer-songwriter vibe of her hometown. Bleu is a gifted songwriter with a silky, melodic voice. With no formal training, the multi-instrumentalist also plays guitar, 12 string guitar, ukulele, banjo and piano.