Taija New Unveils New Single ‘First Up on Your Last’
Massachusetts born and raised singer, songwriter and entertainer Taija New has just unveiled her brand new single First Up on Your Last. I am really enjoying the piano-based melody which gives the song an extra dose of emotion and, intertwined with that punchy beat, makes it for quite a beautiful listening experience. Taija's powerful vocals perfectly convey the empowering message of the song that addresses how we should value ourselves in a relationship.

First Up on Your Last is a highly infectious piece of Contemporary R&B with lots of rhythm and an overall chill vibe that makes it perfect for a weekend at home. Watch its accompanying music video below!

Speaking about the song Taija said,
This by NO means should be misconstrued as a breakup song; this is an ultimatum record. It's about letting your partner know it's a privilege to be with you; not a right. Yes, it's also about knowing your worth and letting them know anyone would be lucky to have you. But more importantly it's about communicating how you feel (OK I admit in a cocky way), waiting a bit longer for them so they can make changes, and also having the courage to walk away if this realization never occurs to them.