Skuff Micksun Unveils New Single "Push Me Out"

Skuff Micksun Unveils New Single "Push Me Out"
Cleveland-based musician Skuff Micksun has teamed up with TyC and BearTrap to deliver his brand new single Push Me Out, out now via Skeleton Studios!

I am really enjoying Skuff's warm, distinctive vocals and how they are packed with so much emotion and angst. Push Me Out is an infectious piece of indie, electro-pop music pairing the best of each artist. BearTrap shines on the bridge, complimenting Skuff’s grungy tone with a smoother refrain that seems to light up the end of the tunnel and give us a glimpse of hope as the song finishes in a completely different drop than the previous chorus! TyC polished the demo and transformed it into this groovy indie electro gem.

To accompany the release Skuff Micksun has also shared the video for the song, shot by Skeleton Studios, which was written, filmed, and edited in a 48 hour period. Check it out below!

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