Kelly Rowland releases new single ‘Crown’
Kelly Rowland has just released a brand new single called Crown, as a way to inspire girls' hair confidence. This upbeat hair anthem was inspired by the stories of Tyrielle Davis and Faith Fennidy, both 11-years old, who made headlines when they were sent home from school because of their hair extensions. 

Eleven-year-old Jorja Orrick was bullied for having short hair, which prompted her sister Sarah to cut her own locks in solidarity. With real stories like these and a history of helping young girls build self-esteem, Dove was inspired to join forces with Kelly Rowland to write and produce an original song titled, Crown — a power anthem that aims to break down the narrow definition of beautiful hair and encourage girls to feel confident in wearing it how they choose. The resounding call: “Wear it proud. #MyHairMyCrown.” Watch the Hannah Lux Davis-directed video below!

Speaking about the song Kelly said,
Growing up, I felt many of the pressures young girls face today when it comes to embracing their hair, but my mom would always tell me that your hair is your crowning glory and you should wear it proudly. This song is very personal to me and, having met many of the real girls who inspired it, I am incredibly proud to be partnering with Dove to spark this conversation and encourage girls everywhere to love their hair.