Ishan Unveils New Single ‘Do You Wanna Chill?’
British singer and songwriter Ishan has just unveiled her latest single Do You Wanna Chill? and it is quite a smooth track. I am really enjoying her warm, smooth vocals and how they are perfectly backed by a groovy, laidback production. Not only Ishan has great vocals but also she showcases her songwriting skills, perfectly captivating me from the start, creating a perfect setting to get me in a relaxed mood. As the title indicates, Do You Wanna Chill? is a great song for a relaxed weekend or for bedroom sessions to get in the mood to chill... Stream this lovely song below!

Ishan draws influence from artists such as Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, admiring Gaga's passion and dedication and Ariana's heavenly vocals. Apart from singing Ishan is also a dancer and is currently studying drama at University.