Can You Learn to Play Cellos On Your Own?, by Joyce Velosco

Can You Learn to Play Cellos On Your Own?

Learning how to play the cello can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have any prior experience in playing stringed instruments. In fact, even the experts say that it requires a great amount of effort and time before one can learn an instrument. A capable and experienced teacher is needed to help a beginner cello student pursue their dream to be a cellist.

Learning to Play Cello through Self-Study

Teaching yourself to play an instrument is two times harder than having a professional to help you out. But don’t be close-minded, if you really want to play the cello on your own, it’s possible. There are teach-yourself tutorial videos and books to guide you while learning to be a cellist.

With available resources on the internet, you can teach yourself to play any stringed instrument like violin and cello. However, you might not get advanced skills like the ones who play in an orchestra and other professional musical groups. For instance, drawing your bow can be a challenge when creating the right sound.

How to Be a Self-Taught Cellist

Since it’s possible to teach yourself how to play the cello, you can be a self-taught musician in the future. The only challenge is taking it to professional level since cellos and other stringed instruments are not that easy for self-instruction. There’s no easier or harder instrument to play if you want to self-teach yourself, the question is do you have access to these instruments.

Some of the basics you need to understand first are the proper way of holding the cello, holding the bow, and positioning of fingers. Beginners may produce the most undesirable sound in the world. But as they develop their skills, they gradually play in tune.

Learning to play the cello without the help of a teacher is one of the toughest jobs, but it’s possible. If only more people will start to realize that being a cellist is a rewarding experience, perhaps they will try to learn it even without an expensive tutor to guide them.


Even though there are videos and books to assist you in self-teaching, the level of skills you will acquire might just be the basics. And not everyone can self-teach when it comes to learning how to play the cello. In other words, this DIY approach is not for all people who want to become a cellist.

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