Azee Unveils New Single ‘Bad Boys’
British singer-songwriter Azee has just unveiled her brand new single Bad Boys, out now on Jovis Music. What drew me towards this song was its piano-based melody, super smooth and captivating. I am a sucker for piano-based songs and this one is just a perfect fit. Really enjoying her smooth, sultry vocals packed with so much emotion with lyrics that address why some women go for emotionally unavailable men, or bad boys. If you are into smooth Contemporary R&B with lush vocals and an overall melancholy atmosphere then you will enjoy Bad Boys. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Azee said,
The song is about girls who go for emotionally unavailable men, or 'bad boys' because somewhere deep down they have a deep-rooted fear of intimacy and are not ready for something real. They know that these 'bad boys' won't try to get close to them which is ideal as they feel 'safer lonely'.