Aaron B. Thompson Unveils New Single ‘Poison Well’
Canadian alternative singer/songwriter Aaron B. Thompson is back with a brand new single called Poison Well, his first single of the year.

Aaron perfectly follows his previous single Drive with yet another heartwarming song as Poison Well is a lush piano-based ballad that addresses the struggles of a toxic relationship. He's a great storyteller, drawing from his personal life to capture the listener's attention from the start with a relatable story. Really enjoying his lush vocals that perfectly convey the emotion of the lyrics and stand out on top of the piano instrumental. 

Poison Well is a moving indie pop track with a beautiful piano melody, groovy sax solo, ethereal-like vocals and an overall melancholic atmosphere. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Aaron said,
This is a song about a toxic relationship. Sometimes we love someone who can't be helped because they choose to hang onto the lies they believe. Poisoning the well is a term used when someone spreads lies about you. In this case, the verses discuss the reality and the chorus is about hanging onto the illusion. To be honest, this song tells the story of my parents; my father suffers mental illness and addiction, but they denied the problems for so many years. It is my hope that the right people will connect with it and maybe convict them to either leave toxicity or start being honest... thanks for listening.