Signe Drops New Single ‘Your Game’
Swedish singer-songwriter Signe, a trained jazz vocalist, has just dropped her sophomore single Your Game.

Her warm, smooth vocals were what caught my attention to this song and she perfectly showcases her talents as a vocalist here. Your Game has somewhat of an epic vibe, starting slowly with an intensive bass beat before the emotional range and intensity soars into a dramatic, raw chorus.

Your Game is a mesmerising piece of indie pop music with an infectious beat and a dreamy, almost ethereal, atmosphere. It's a song packed with raw emotion and lush melodies perfect for a chillout weekend. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Signe said,
Björn came to me with the beat and the first draft of the production about a year ago. He’d just been binge-watching the series Stranger Things and felt inspired by that kind of 80s electronic vibe soundtrack. I loved it and wrote most of the melody and the lyrics in like a day. We started collaborating with Mikael who had a lot of really great ideas on the production. This song has really gone through a lot of stages since the first demo... 'Your Game’ is about a rush. Whether it’s a rush from a drug or love, or even sex, I think most people can relate to the feeling of losing control in the company of someone that you don’t really know or for whatever reason can’t feel one hundred percent comfortable with. It’s super scary but nothing compares to that feeling, it has a sweetness to it too. Like you’re going through this thing together but you have no idea if that other person feels the things you are feeling. And when you come back from the experience it’s like you have a weirdly strong bond, a connection with that person. Even if that connection is totally fake and could (and probably will) be for just for one night only.

The song is written and produced by Signe Bådagård, Björn Eriksson and Mikael Lindblad Ehnborg. Mixed by Mikael Lindblad Ehnborg and Leo Salomon Ringart.