Little Birds Unveil New Single ’Little Bird’
Swedish indie band Little Birds have just unveiled their brand new single Little Bird. Indie Pop/Rock is somewhat of a hit or miss with me and I am happy to say that this song is definitely a hit for me. 

The guitar riff in the intro caught my attention and I was blown away with the emotional soundscape of this song. The vocals fit perfectly to this genre and convey somewhat of a touch of angst and emotion that soar over infectious melodies packed with killer guitar riffs and percussion. Oh, and that guitar solo is just impeccable!!

If you are into indie pop music with a touch of melancholia, emotive vocals and powerful guitars, then you will love Little Bird. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song frontman Julius Marstorp said,
I was sitting in my room when suddenly a friend came in, totally devastated, and wanted to talk to me. I felt a bit inadequate and didn’t really know what to say.” The song captures that spirit: “What I wanted to say became the lyrics for the song.

Little Birds’ own path started in 2016 after several lineup experiments at school in Värmland, Sweden. Their sound draws strong influences from 2000s indie rock acts like The Strokes and The Wombats.

Litle Birds are: