Jay Warren Unveils New Single "Lipstick on a Champagne Flute"

Jay Warren Unveils New Single "Lipstick on a Champagne Flute"
Salt Lake City based, San Diego native R&B singer and songwriter Jay Warren has just unveiled his stunning new single Lipstick on a Champagne Flute, a yearning R&B ballad about feeling a love so strong for someone.

I love Jay's silky and soulful vocals that flow effortlessly over the atmospheric beats and chord progressions. The song is super smooth, with a laidback vibe and is packed with lots of emotion and highlights his stunning vocals, especially when he hits those high notes. I am really enjoying this track guys and I hope you like it as much as I do. Stream Lipstick on a Champagne Flute below!

Speaking about the track Jay said,
When you move in with someone, or when someone moves in with you, there's something kind of surreal and magical about having your stuff and their stuff in the same place. It's almost like a metaphor for the way your two lives are blending together. Like when a man walks into his own bathroom and sees a woman's makeup brush on the counter, that's a reminder of the change that's happening, of these two people taking the next step in their relationship. Lipstick On a Champagne Flute is about that. It's about seeing these trappings of a woman––her jewelry, her clothes, her furniture––coming in to a man's home and adding this mystique, this reminder that they're starting a new phase of life together.
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