James Ollier Releases ‘Nomad Frays’ EP

James Ollier Releases ‘Nomad Frays’ EP
Bristol-based singer-songwriter James Ollier has just unveiled his brand new EP Nomad Frays. I am a huge fan of his vocals and he creates such beautiful music for the heart that I just had to share this one with you guys.

Nomad Frays includes the previously released single Glory Days which is packed with lush piano keys and guitar plucking and haunting harmonies. The rest of the EP follows a similar sound with an addictive melancholic atmosphere that keeps me playing it over and over again.

Title track Nomad Frays is a lovely piece of folk music on which his delicate vocals soar over the lush acoustic guitar chords and the piano keys highlighting the nostalgic vibe of the song. My favourite song is All That's Good, which to me is the track with a more melancholic atmosphere and I am a sucker for such songs. The piano melodies are incredibly captivating and just pull on those heartstrings from the start. The drums bring a touch of energy to this song stunning song and I can't stop playing it. Speaking about it he said,
All That's Good' was written at the end of a few years spent moving around, its about being caught in the in-between, and between the past and the present.
Wrapping up the EP we have Greater Cause,