Trouze Unveil New Single ‘These Streets’ ft. Brandyn Burnette
LA/Singapore electronic trio Trouze are back with their brand new single These Streets, a groovy, upbeat piece of dance music with pop sensibilities.

The trio enlisted the help of progressive soul singer Brandyn Burnette, aka EMAN8, to provide a heartfelt vocal performance that soars effortlessly over the electronic production and gives the song an extra dose of emotion. I am really enjoying the melodies here, especially the guitar riffs and the highly infectious chorus that got me singing along in no time. Stream it below!

These Streets was inspired by Declan Ee's personal experiences. The street on the cover art is a famous heritage street in Singapore which features pre-war shop houses (some over 100 years old) near where Ee grew up. Speaking about it he said,
The essence of 'These Streets' is about how one's dreams and life should not be restricted by circumstances. Hence the lyrics 'these streets will never define me'...The streets where one grew up should never constrain or hold you back.