Slide release video for debut single "Laugh Some More"

Slide release video for debut single "Laugh Some More"
Swedish indie-rock duo Slide have justs premiered the official music video for their debut single Laugh Some More. Watch it below!

Speaking about the video Slide explains,
We rented a big fucking empty hangar and put up all these sweet looking lights in it. We don't really like when videos tell too much of a story so we´d rather just have it looking cool, you know? And all of the art you see in video is hand drawn by me and/or sampled from my journal. We just wanted it to be extra us, so we put som scribbles and doodles on it.
Taken from their debut EP ‘Into Happiness’ which is set for release in Spring 2019, Laugh Some More encapsulates their spirit perfectly. Rough around the edges but with plenty of heart, like all their rock heroes before.

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